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If you are in search of an affordable and private room in the Edmonton area, your search is over. The conveniently-located Central Edmonton Rentals offers short-term and long-term student housing options for affordable rates. At our apartment complex, you'll find yourself within walking distance to the NAIT campus, countless restaurants, convenience stores, gyms, and more.

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The Most Accommodating Student Accommodations

When the time comes for you to enter a trade program at the Edmonton's NAIT campus, you're going to need more than a can-do attitude and a syllabus. You're also going to need a long-term or short-term rental room that is suitable for a student.

What makes for a student-friendly apartment complex? For starters, it must be conveniently located. The property manager must also provide the modern conveniences most of us have become accustomed to—from on-site laundry to free parking and more.

Rest assured, you won't find a more student-friendly apartment building than ours. We take care of everything.

A Decade of Experience

We are no strangers to student housing. For the past ten years, we have provided students of all ages with the lodgings they need to complete their coursework, apprenticeships, and more.

For the Studious Students

As a student, your studies are of the utmost importance. You need lots of time to focus on your academic career, and you don't need any of the disruptions that seem commonplace in other apartment buildings. In our student apartment buildings, you will have nothing less than the most good-natured neighbours possible. Our comfortable and noise-free facilities are the perfect place for any serious student.

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Student Apartments with Everything You Need

We pride ourselves on the quality of our facilities. With secure private rooms, you'll have quiet and comfortable space to study, relax, and sleep to your heart's content. With two shared kitchens on-site, you'll never find yourself having to wait to use the microwave or stove. You're also welcome to share the large covered deck with your fellow neighbours to socialize, enjoy a book, or whatever you wish. We also provide:

  • Coin-operated laundry
  • Two full washrooms
  • High-speed internet
  • Natural gas barbecues
  • And more

Prime Location

Thanks to the convenient location of our apartment building, you won't have to set aside time for lengthy commutes to and from school. In fact, we are only an 8-to-10-minute walk away from the NAIT campus.

Rooms for Students Found Here

For the past decade, we have housed students of all ages for brief and lengthy periods of time. Whether you are looking for a living situation that will bring you closer to a community or you're looking for peace and quiet, you will find it within our walls.

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